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About us

Our venue has all the following

  • 10 Xbox Ones!
  • 12 Xbox 360s!
  • Custom built gamer sofa's!
  • Over 500 games!
  • TurtleBeach Headsets!
  • Knowledgeable and experienced staff

Our Biography

Elite Gamer first opened on christmas 2014 we are located in Southend On Sea, striving to provide the ultimate gaming experience and relaxation to parents Elite Gamer has nearly two and a half years of experience and proud to say that we are a premium Party Entertainment Agency. We specialise in Birthday Parties however we do hold other events such as Special Needs Nights, Stag Parties and the occasional All Nighter!

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GT Omega Racing is one of the world's leading brand in Sim racing cockpits, racing office chairs and sim racing equipments.
Our aim is to provide the best equipments with all our products, provide an equally high level of aftercare support.

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Pizzas eaten




Wins on Fortnight


Teas made

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Some of our games

Below are the games most popular within the facility.

Our new streaming service is now available!

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