Frequently asked questions.

Niall - No you dont! In fact, you dont have to pay anything until 7 days before your party. We ask for a minimum of £20 to secure your booking however it can be done at any time up until 7 days prior to your booking. In your email confirmation you can pay online in full, installments or just the deposit. In store we only take cash at the moment.

Marc - You can pay the balance at any point online from your confirmation email however you can also pay in cash in store. At any point. In addition the balance must be paid by the duration of your party on the day. If you choose to pay during your party it must be in cash.

Michael - You can bring anything you would like to and eat it in the designated eating time of your party. 95% of our customers choose to use PizzaGOGO which is about six doors up from us. You can order this on the day, if you are the 10am-12pm slot please phone them a day prior to let them know that you will need them for 11:40. You want to order the SuperSize pizzas for £5.99

Niall - Yes! We do ask that all open cup or easy spillable drinks are kept in the eating area for the whole duration of the party. Cans or bottles are allowed to be kept in the specified holders. ALL snacks must be kept in the eating area only.

Marc - Yes you can bring your own decorations if you like, please be aware that they may not be allowed to be put up before your party starts due to another current birthday party. However typically you can do it 10-15 minutes early. We are not responsible for any loss, damage or wreckage of your personal decorations

Michael - Unfortunately we cannot book out individual seats due to the fact we cant choose what package customers book throughout the day, if they book the Premium Package then you cant be admitted however the other party packages can allow you to be admitted. We request you phone us a few days prior to your plan to check the current status and then again at the start of the day to confirm. If there is space it is upon a first come first serve basis, unless you pre pay on that day.

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